Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dana's Tomato Caper - Part 1

Did You Understand?
What is the girl on the right throwing?
Why is she throwing these things?
What is her friend's advice? What does this mean?

This cartoon is the beginning of a series of jokes involving a character I created called Daring Dana. Dana is the one on the right throwing tomatoes on the roof. Her friend asks her why she is doing this. She doesn't know why people consider tomatoes to be a fruit instead of a vegetable. She is throwing tomatoes on the roof of her house to see if there is something about the way they splatter that causes them to by classified as a fruit. Her friend tells her that she needs a hobby. This means that she should find better things to do with her time.

Words and Phrases
What'cha doin' - What are you doing. English speakers often blend their words together. It is common to hear the -ing ending reduced to just -in or what are you reduced to what'cha.

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