Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Caveman Ug

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Did you Understand?
What did Urg find?
Does Ug take Urg's gift?
Why is Urg lying on the ground?

Picture 1
Urg: I found these berries in the brush, Ug. Would you like some?
Ug: No thanks, Urg. I'm kind of busy now. Maybe later.

Picture 2
Ug's son: That's how you know which ones are poisonous, right Dad?
Ug: That's right son.
Urg: My stomach. It hurts!

Caveman Ug is a simple joke that I though of while riding on a train and watching people buy food from a vendor. I wondered if the food people were buying was fresh. There's not much to understand here. Urg has some berries that he found and is willing to share. Ug suspects that it might not be safe but doesn't say this aloud. He waits until Urg eats it to see if it's safe. Ug's son has learned a valuable lesson, which is what Ug wanted. I often imagine that this must be how people in prehistoric times discovered which foods were poisonous.