Sunday, December 16, 2012

ESL Comics Goes Interactive

I'm branching out and creating an interactive PDF of ESLComics. With an interactive PDF, readers can not just read comics, but play them also. Interactive PDFs allow you to click on page, type, answer questions, and get feedback. This means games and puzzles. That help you learn English. I am currently seeking funds to make this happen. To learn more and get interactive comics in your ESL classroom, check out this site. I can use all of the support I can get.  Support ESL Interactive Comics

P.S. Have you seen If not, you're missing cartoons that are not here on this blog.

Monday, August 13, 2012

ESL Comics has a New Website and a New Look

Please visit my new site  It has more of my homemade cartoons (I hope my talents have improved.) and a new interactive feature.  Readers can get translations in up to ten different languages, something not possible on the blog. I will resume creating lesson material for the blog, so teachers can find topics for classroom use.
It's my hope that language learners and teachers find the blog and the website usefull as well as entertaining.

Sterling Daniels

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Dana's Tomato Caper - Part 4

Did You Understand?
Who is helping Dana’s father?
What is Dana’s father’s name?
Why did Dana’s father get hurt?
Why is Dana trying to get away?

The ambulance has come to Dana’s house to help her father. The ambulance driver asks how he hurt himself this time. This means that he has hurt himself before. Dana’s father says that the roof was full of tomatoes. Dana realizes that it is her fault that he is hurt since she threw the tomatoes on the roof. Her father now knows that she must have put the tomatoes on the roof.

Words and Phrases - Use the translation button for these words
I don’t get it. – I don’t understand.
All over the roof – covering the entire roof

Dana's Tomato Caper - Part 3

Did You Understand?
Why did Dana ask other children to meet with her?

What is Dana’s question?

What answer did the other children give her?

Dana still wants to know why tomatoes are considered fruit. She brings the other children in the neighborhood to help her. They have tried but have not been able to find the answer to her question. Their answer is “just because”. This means that there is no answer to the question. People should just accept that this is the way things are. Dana is satisfied with this answer and ends the meeting.

Words and Phrases - Use the translation button for these words
Just because

A Hole in My Pocket

Did You Understand?
1. The customer was trying to buy a _________?
a) pet dog b) a hot dog c) cat

2. The customer had a ________ in his pocket.
a) fish b) hot dog c) hole

3. Here impossible means _________.
a) That can't be true. b) Others can have it but not you. c)I want one also.

A man walks up to a hot dog vendor to buy some food. The buyer keeps his money in a hole that he takes out of his pocket. The vendor doesn't believe that someone can pick up a hole. The buyer suggest that he will never know if it's possible unless he tries.

Words and Phrases:
How much for
dog (hot dog)
Where did you get
I picked it up.
No one can
never tried